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The “Exquisite Corpse” Project

This project involved producing an illustration based on randomly generated words as in the following link:


The phrase I ended up with was

” The graceful fairy performed with the cute flower”

Initally I researched the terminology and looked at many ways of interpreting the words “fairy”, “flower” ” performed” etc and produced many rough sketches, ideas and concepts. I looked at definitions and symbolic meanings of different flowers. I looked at how other artists have represented fairies and illustrations of flowers during the research process.




My initial concept illustration was to show a banshee ( undead fairy ) performing the ritual of the last rites, a ritual which involved the use of  a flower, and I intended to try and produce this piece in watercolour, and although I attempted this and was fairly happy wih the result, after much deliberation I decided to go back to my preferred medium of digital illustration  by producing a poster advertising a band ” The Cute Flower”. The band would all be fantasy fairy folk ( elves) , and therefore the illustration would show the graceful fairy (the lead singer) performing with “The Cute Flower”

This is a digital illustration of one of my sketches for one of the band members:

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This is the piece I created for the digital brief 1. in university. I had to create a piece of work using just two colours; I chose black and white, then added in texture using a grunge brush. The character is my own, a victorian named Melanie Lantern.

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