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For this brief we were required to create an illustration representing cutting off water supply, for a newspaper article.

I thought initially about what would happen to the world if water supply was cut, and how it would affect our every day life around the home. One of the most common ways of cutting water is through the hose pipe bans, and I decided to produce an illustration based on the impact of a hose pipe ban and how it would affect one individual. With no water available to water plants and flowers the world would soon be devoid of colour, and so I chose to create a largely black and white image. The only use of colour in this illustration would be the tiny drop of water emerging from the hose …..  symbolising that the water represents the life-line and the colour in the world.

My  illustration shows a small child with a very sad expression, holding up a hose from which emerges one single blue drip, while the plant in the pot withers and dies. This shows the effect that a water ban would have on one small child, yet it symbolises the impact it would have on the entire world.



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This brief required the creation of an illustration which shows why it is important to grow greenery and flowers in towns and cities. EggMag is a positive publication and looks towards a very sunny future. They are looking for something eyecatching with a subtle and important message.
My ideas for this illustration was to create something eyecatching and positive, an image of paradise or utopia, showing a perfect world, with sunshine, flowers, greenery. This illustration would aim to show city dwelling people that they could have a piece of this perfection in their own world if they encouraged the growth of plants and flowers, in keeping with the positive, sunny future ideals of the magazine.

On a recent trip to London I spent some time in Hyde Park, and was amazed by the fact that I was in the centre of a great city, yet I could have been a million miles away in the country as everywhere was so green and peaceful and the trees blocked out the buildings and the noise. It was this feeling of being peaceful and relaxed in a beautiful natural setting that I wanted to re-create with my illustration:

This is my initial design for the illustration:

I then decided that the illustration needed the city in the background as a contrast, but I wanted to show the city as faded and distant, as though it was almost disappearing, to symbolise that the growth of flowers and greenery in the city can almost make you forget you are in a dirty bustling city and  it can make you feel that you are in an oasis of tranquility.

The finished illustration:

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This brief required creating an illustration for an article entitled “Rumours”. I decided to attempt a different approach for this design and I chose to use a different technique. I initially sketched an image of a whispering girl and then coloured the image using just dots. The image was duplicated to give the effect of a rumour spreading along the lines of chinese whispers, and at the end of the sequence of whispering, the final girl is the subject of the rumour, is hearing it and appears shocked.

Overall I am happy with this image but may well change the background or deepen the colours if I have time as the images do appear to fade into the background. It does however illustrate the concept of rumours effectively and depicts the impact a rumour can have on a recipient.

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