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One of our first projects for year 2 is to produce a series of artists books or altered books based on the theme of “Flying”. To gain inspiration for this style of art I purchased a book entitled ” Altered Books Workshop” by Bev Brazelton.

What is an Altered Book?

Basically it can be described as an art form in which an existing book is transformed into a new work of art … the book becomes the canvas.  Altered book pages are created using many varied techniques such as collage, decoupage, glazing, stamping, printing, embellishing, stitching, stenciling, making windows, doors and apertures etc etc.  The following pages show Bev Brazelton’s use of a collaging technique:


What is an Artist’s Book?

Basically this is again an art work which is in the form of a book, though the format of the book may be different from a tradional idea of a book. It can take the form of loose sheets, fold-outs, concertinas,  scrolls or whatever the artist’s creativity produces.  An example of an artist’s book is “Alice” by Claire Kennedy

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