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After much on line research and also looking at the type of business cards used by businesses in my locality, I began to look at the business crads used by other illustrators. It felt important to me that a business card promoting an illustrator should feature the work of the illustrator on the card, so that prospective clients could immediately see the style of the artist, and have an example of the artist’s work there in front of them. From on line research it appears that many illustrators do use their own art on their business cards, and some examples of cards that I found particularly effective and inspiring are shown below:

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With the magazine printed, my group and I have begun presenting it to schools in asemblys, with my collagues playing Mary and Hypatia, and me playing Lilian. So far the response we’ve gotten is very positive, and the children are enthuastic to be involved. So far we’ve visited two schools, but have more booked.


CLOCKWORK EXPRESS ALSO HAS A FACEBOOK PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Clockwork-Express/182362038538790

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“Comic competition to raise youngsters’ aspirations

9 November 2011

A new competition is aiming to help change perceptions about the career ambitions of young women – by inviting schoolchildren to create a comic inspired by famous female scientists.

The ‘She Inspired’ Comics Competition has been organised by artists Charlie Shepard, Taryn Whittam and Heather Wilson, illustration students at Glyndŵr University, with support from the Arts Council of Wales and Techniquest Glyndŵr.

Inspired by the artists’ own educational comic called ‘Clockwork Express,’ the competition will see children research famous female scientists and mathematicians, before creating their own comic page inspired by them.

The winning entries will be displayed alongside the work of the artists in a public exhibition at Techniquest Glyndŵr, opening on International Women’s Day, 8th March 2012. Their entries will be compiled into a special edition of Clockwork

Express, copies of which schools will get to keep.

Clockwork Express follows the fantastical adventures of Professor Lilian Primrose and her trusty sidekick Tweet as they journey through time meeting notable women from history, getting in and out of trouble and learning along the way.

Charlie said the competition hopes to change pupils’ attitudes regarding the type of job which will be available to them when they leave school.

She added: “We want to give the pupils a project which is fun and interesting to work on. It’s a very creative competition but it encourages the pupils to think about science and lots of other subjects as well.

“Hopefully both boys and girls will be inspired, and become interested in the female figures that have influenced the world we live in today.”

Mike Corcoran, programme developer at Techniquest Glyndŵr, who is assisting with the project, said: “The competition is very cross-curricular.

“You can teach science in art lessons, history in science lessons or art in maths lessons: it has tremendous educational value.”

Local primary school teacher Linda Sawyer sees great potential benefit in getting involved.

She said: “I know I could definitely use this type of project within my classroom. It brings together a wide variety of learning and skills. It also gives pupils an insight into good role models from the past and hopefully inspires them to look to science in the future.”

The competition is open to any children between the ages of 8 and 12. They can work alone, in small groups or as an entire class to create their entries.

Every school taking part will be welcome to receive a free class or assembly presentation led by the Clockwork Express artists in their school during January 2012 (or at Techniquest Glyndŵr during a trip to view the exhibition).

Schools will also receive free copies of Clockwork Express for their own libraries, to help inspire pupils’ comic pages.

It is free to take part in the competition, and all schools entering will be invited to visit Techniquest Glyndŵr for free while the exhibition is running. ”

The same press release was also featured on the website: www.wrexham.com



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One of the things I have become involved with this year has been Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, which combines life drawing classes with Burlesque themed entertainment.


So what’s this really all about ?

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School North Wales lets you loose, to ‘draw’ inspiration from theatrical burlesque performers, the playground of the fun, colour, weird and wonderful
~ an excellent source for artists and non-artists alike.

Dr. Sketchy’s North Wales only wants you to have the very best kind of fun when engaging the right side of your brain, so each class will set the tone with a different theme, prizes to win, ability to drink booze whilst drawing and listen to the best old
timey tinkerly tunes. A feast for all senses I’m sure you’ll agree!

Remember! This is no place for rubbing out lines, tearing up work, only embracing
the now, for all skill levels.

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art school is the little New York art event that became a
movement. Founded in 2005 in a dive bar in Brooklyn, by model and artist Molly Crabapple. Dr. Sketchy’s the world’s premier alternative drawing movement has now spread to over 120 cities worldwide. From Tokyo to Tennessee, to NYC and Paris!

The North Wales tale began in the autumn of 2010. Travelling the region for interesting haunts from castles to coal mines to bring you an art experience like no other! With Madame Ex at the helm to help both experienced and new artists on their way. It’s what a life drawing class would be like if they held them at the Moulin Rouge…

Expect a roomful of all kinds of folk from artists to beginners and back again. Quick sketches into longer ones, fun exercises (all sitting down of course) performances and prizes. Bring your own pens, pencils, charcoal, oil pastels, neat water coloured sets, sketchbooks and drawing boards. Although supplies of A4 sheets of paper and soft drawing pencils will be available on the night.

I have really enjoyed attending this life drawing class “with a difference” and have improved my sketching skills greatly. The class has also provided me with inpsiration for my University projects such as the Music brief, and has given me the opportunity to improve my ability with drawing the female anatomy.

Dr Sketchys Posters:

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My Prop Design

 I was asked by North Wales School of Dancing to create a prop for one of their pupils to use in dance competitions. The music used for the dance was “Talk to the Animals” from “Dr Doolittle”, I was given the instruction to incorporate a monkey and a crocodile in the  design, but otherwise was left to my own devices. This is the finished prop:

I initially spray painted the board a dark green for the background and then painted the jungle themed illustration using acrylic paint, outlining the characters and leaves in black marker pen to make it stand out as this would need to be seen from a distance. I was really pleased with the result, and the girl I was making it for was thrilled with it.

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